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CREATIVE LEGAL WRITER NEEDED AT ONCE Non Profit Law Clinic defending today's under-represented Homeowners against blatant Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse by those who think they are 'to big to fail' is looking for Second or Third Year Law Students who are top quarter of their class, willing to perform research and write responses for landmark homeownership preservation case that will change California foreclosure Law. Full time future employment possible, for the right person. We need a capable and creative legal writer. Someone who's mind thinks outside the box at all times. We will only consider second or third year law students and ONLY THOSE FROM the following law schools: Stanford UCLA Berkeley USC UCI USD Hastings We are working on a series of landmark cases. Cases that will dramatically change the law in favor of helping homeowners abused by money hungry major banks. Banks which have broken the law and taken advantage of the little guy. Our matters are currently in court or pending immediate submission. We need people who can unleash their creative minds. People who can research and write NEW IDEAS & work with NEW LEGAL CONCEPTS. If you meet these absolute requirements, and only if you meet all of these requirements, please apply at once for this continuing part time position. I am sick and tired of wasting my time reading resumes of folks who do not meet our needs. Make me happy and write me only if you are a student at one of the listed schools and meet our needs. Thank you very much.  
Contract/Payment Details: TBD upon experience    

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