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Spanish Transcriptionist

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Part time, EXPERIENCED spanish transcriptionist to type spanish conversation. You are required to type the Spanish conversation in Spanish. Underneath each line of Spanish text, you are required to type the translated part in English. Must be an experienced fast transcriptionist with ability to type from wav files and MP3 files. You must have Express Scribe or other comparable software with footpedal in order to play audio. Audio is sent to you by email and you return the word document by email. You can be anywhere in the country so long as you can do the job. The transcription is for law enforcement agencies. Experience a MUST. Has to be accurate transcription with no words missed and accurate translation into english. Turnaround time for the work is from 2 days to 5 days. Audio length varies from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Translators without transcription experience need not apply. Only Spanish typists with translation experience need apply. ACCURACY IS A MUST. No dropped words. Paid by the page. There are 24-27 lines to a page.  
Contract/Payment Details: Paid by the page. Page rate is $2:50 per page.    

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