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Casting Successful, Dynamic and Outgoing Couples & Pairs (Family Members, Friends) For a New BRAVO Television Series! NEW SERIES FROM THE PRODUCERS OF SELLING NEW YORK AND SELLING L.A. Are you (or someone you know) in a relationship and you each own your own home? Are you about to merge households? If so, whose place is it going to be? OR are you considering getting rid of your existing places, starting fresh and buying a new place together?! We are seeking upscale property-owning couples/ family members/ friends who are each bringing real estate to a relationship and are torn about where to call home. We are in need of all kinds of relationships from couples to newlyweds to daters to siblings and even friends! Whether youre living in a house, condo, apartment or townhouse, we can help couples to decide where is the best place to call home! Our design and real estate experts will offer advice, tips and ultimately help couples, pairs and families decide which space is best for them. Ideal candidates must be dynamic and outgoing people who are proud of their accomplishments in life, have great taste and an enviable lifestyle! Please e-mail us with photos to: yoursmineorourscasting@gmail.com Include: Your Names and Ages: Occupations: Where you each live: Please tell us about your relationship: Describe your personality: Why would you be great for this show? Tell us about your properties: Describe why merging spaces might be easy/challenging for you: Please explain each of your preferred design and home aesthetics:  
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