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FedEx Contractor Management Position

Santa Fe Spring


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We are hiring an AUTHORIZED OFFICER and a SUPERVISOR to manage routes and drivers for Contractor with FedEx Ground. The candidate should have experiences as a contractor manager in FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, and it is better if currently working for a contractor in FedEx. The candidate should be certified as a driver and be able to drive trucks. Task performed could be as followed at Santa Fe Spring HUB: -. Organized routes and drivers in the morning or the previous day. -. Performed maintenance on trucks if required. -. Coordinate safety meetings with drivers and with the help of FedEx Managers. -. Assist drivers in anything they need, like manage boat boxes, performed proper codes on the scanners, and filling out time sheet properly. -. Be able to drive if a driver do not show up, or ready to hire a driver if needed for the route. -. Good performance service is required for good standing of the entity with FedEx, therefore instructing drivers daily about good service performance is critical.  
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