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Seeking: Security Personnel/Protective Service Agents

Greater LA Metro Area


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Protective Service Agents/Security Professionals California Guard Card is REQUIRED for this position. We are looking for Sharp, Well-Manicured, Disciplined, Top-of-the-Line Security Professionals for HIGH-PROFILE, HIGH NET-WORTH, ELITE assignments.. Military and Law enforcement are a plus. Former, Current, and Retired Law Enforcement encouraged to apply. Dress Code: Dark Business Suit, White Business Shirt, Business Tie, Black, Lace-up, Rubber-Soled shoes. Please Contact: O & R Protective Services via e-mail (Personnel@OandR.com) with a resume, or equivalent, that includes qualifications/skills/permits and licenses. Please put your resume in the body of your email. WE WILL NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS REPLY TO: Personnel@OandR.com  
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