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Venice Beach


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** JOBs AVAILABLE ** RESIDENTIAL STAFF POSITIONS at our HOSTEL on VENICE BEACH. VBH offers you a place to stay and a place to work. So, if you need BOTH work and a place to stay , then: WORK & LIVE on VENICE BEACH ! We Are Looking For Pleasant & Personable live-in " Fellow Travelers " !! Did you backpack through Europe or Asia or South America? Do you wish that you could recapture the spirit of easy friendship and sharing of different cultures? YOU can recapture the atmosphere -- even if you can't get back on the road right now !! RIGHT HERE / RIGHT NOW - on VENICE BEACH !! Venice Beach Hostel is looking for: that rare bird a "Real Hostel Worker" - a person capable and willing to work while all around them are young & fun international travelers busy playing. Work Duties: In General: work includes doing it all and knowing it all. GUEST CARE, CLEANING and General hostel work: reception, overnight desk and cleaning; and room cleaning / housekeeping / facilities cleaning. Concierge --like and entertainment work is part of hostel work : with relevant experience. GENERAL Residential Staff Work INFO: PART TIME: approx.+/- 28-32 hr, depending on hostel needs/scheduling;varies. Work has generally 4 hour shifts. comp: $8. see info re pre Assignment/Internship, below. AVAILABILITY: You need to have flexible availability -- late morning through afternoon / afternoons / overnight. We have Weekly Schedules which will vary to accommodate hostel staffing needs. While we also try to accommodate other work/school schedule -- your other work must be flexible and subject to the priority of our hostel scheduling. PLEASE note re YOUR TIME AVAILABILITY: ** NO WEEKENDS ONLY; NO NIGHTS ONLY ; NO LIMITED DAYS ONLY; must be available all days including weekends and holidays. PLEASE note -- this is a hospitality job - staff does not take holidays as holidays, but serves those on holiday.. ID: Applicants must have current valid state government ID. Original ID only; no copies. If you have lost ID, you must have replacement before applying. Thanks. RESIDENTIAL STAFF: means: It is hostel SHARED LIVE-IN ACCOMODATIONS - this is a job for someone in need of housing: Residential in VBH. PART BOARD - breakfast / dinner. Applicant must have: experience in travel; customer service; hospitality; or a relevant specialty. Good & Reliable Work Habits and Personality. Applicant should be: student; or working other part time job w/ flexible schedule. IF YOU ARE NOT YET IN L.A.: Please note: you need to also provide your arrival date in L.A. & confirmed travel arrangements. A PERSONAL INTERVIEW IN HOSTEL IS REQUIRED. (J-1 Workers: we love J-1 workers who are already in the States or L.A. And need to change sponsor to someone in L.A. If you are not already here, please disregard this posting: we do not respond to those abroad.) TO APPLY: (1) Please email your RESUME. ** Please place it in body of email - or - if attachment, the attachment must be in MS Word format. PLEASE: provide your current & prior employment -- and include - INFO to CONTACT & CHECK these (e.g., E-MAIL, PHONE NUMBERS, NAMES OF EMPLOYER & SUPERVISOR, DATES OF WORK, etc. Please also provide your CURRENT WORK AND/OR SCHOOL SCHEDULE. (2) We will email back to you and then please then please call us to schedule a personal interview. Assignment/Internship: There is a probationary period to train and to show how you work and how you are with travelers and see if this residential position is not just being used by you for just a temporary / holdover living situation (an internship period with exchange for accommodations is provided). Assuming that is ok; then the regular position is a three month season job. It is also possible upon successful completion of work assignment to request/apply for another separate season job. Thanks for your interest. VENICE BEACH HOSTEL 1515 PACIFIC AVE. VENICE, CA 310.452.3052 planetvenice@gmail.com  
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