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If you are one of these individuals, we invite you to consider participating in the illuminate Research Study Program. The Illuminate Program is evaluating a new investigational medication for systematic Lupus Erythemotosis (SLE) the most common form of Lupus. We are one of many sites across the country taking part of this research. If you or someone you know: * Is 18 yrs of age or older and * has been diagnosed with SLE Then participating in this clinical research program could be an option for you. To determine if you may qualify to take part, our doctors and nurses will perform additional test and health assessments. Individuals who qualify will receive study medication and all study realted care at not charge. Reimbursment for study-related travel and time will be provided. Some standard lupus medication will also be permited during the study participating. for more information, please send us an e-mail at edgarc@lugeneeye.com or ask for Attiq at extension 4209 Hablamos espaƱol.  
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