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Work Study Coordinator

Big Sur, CA


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Job Summary Esalen Institute, the pioneering educational organization dedicated to personal and social transformation, is now hiring for the position of Work Study Coordinator. The Work Study Program allows people to come here for at least 28 days, become part of a study group of approximately 24 individuals and be involved in the Esalen environment. This is a work and service program in which the students work in one of many different departments for 32 hours per week, and it is a wonderful, demanding, immersive experience. Esalen needs a special person to coordinate and facilitate this program. This person sets the overall direction and tone of the Work Study Program and encourages support for the program from all community members. Responsibilities Leading orientation meetings to welcome new arrivals and facilitate their entrance into Esalen as comfortably as possible. Working with Accounting, Front Office, Operations and IT Departments to make sure the business end of the program is being handled smoothly. Working closely with the Residential Education Manager and Residential Education Assistant. Participating in regularly scheduled Program Department meetings.  
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