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Scholarship Coordinator - Part-Time

Whittier, CA


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Foster care - foster parent WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A FOSTER PARENT: Children in need of foster parents come in all ages, races and genders, and can stay in a foster home for varying lengths of time - from a few days to several years. It takes a special person to become a foster parent, and if you think you are interested in becoming one, there are several things that should be considered. Evaluate what kind of support system you have at home. Being a foster parent can be a stressful, trying thing and having someone that you can talk to when youre having a hard time is invaluable. If you dont have a built-in support system, there are also support groups for foster parents that were created specifically for that purpose. Decide if you can be completely selfless when it comes to the amount of time and love youll have to invest in this situation. Theres a very real possibility youll never get any sort of return on your investment other than the knowledge youre helping someone in need, and you need to be prepared for that. You also need to be capable of saying goodbye to your foster child when its time for him or her to eventually move on. Its one of the reasons becoming a foster parent is one of the most-rewarding but hardest things someone could do with their life. Remember that the reasons for a child being placed in a foster home may lead to them acting out or exhibiting signs of being anxious, resentful, angry, sad, etc. They may have experienced an abusive situation--physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally--and while their outward response isnt your fault, its still something you should be prepared for. Do you have your own kids? Take them into consideration when you think about becoming a foster parent. A foster child will bring with him or her habits and behaviors that may be picked up by your biological children. Think about how old your kids are and what an ideal age would be for a prospective foster child. BECOMING A FOSTER PARENT: Once youve decided you want to open your life and home to a foster child, there are several steps that need to be taken. Create a volunteer page to fill out the application and sign up for an initial training: Click Here to Apply http://app.volunteer2.com/Public/Organization/2632e16d-c0cb-4b2c-8f11-5dd5038ac299/1 Initial Training: The third step is to begin initial training. Youll attend classes taught by the foster agency that will help you better understand your roles and responsibilities as a foster parent. Background Clearances Once you have attended a training background clearances are run, which includes being fingerprinted through LiveScan. A clean background is imperative to be considered for foster parenting. Homestudy Process: The fourth and penultimate step is a homestudy process. This is where they will evaluate your home to make sure you have the resources necessary to properly take care of children. Placement: The final step is placement. Theyll match you with a foster child based on your capabilities and the childs needs. Other factors taken into consideration include: o The childs age o Any unique needs the child may have, including language or culture needs With warmest regards, Office Locations in the following Counties: Orange | Los Angeles | San Bernardino | Riverside | San Diego QUALIFIED FOSTER PARENTS WILL NEED: An extra bedroom for the foster child A valid drivers license Access to a car Complete background check  
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