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Forklift / Heat Treating

South Gate


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Job Title: Forklift / Heat Treating Location: South Gate Ca 90280 Current Shift Available: All three shifts 1st shift: 6:00am start time (working 8-12hours) - $13.00/hr 2nd shift: 2:30pm start time (working 8 -- 12 hours) - $13.50/hr 3rd shift: 10:00pm start time (working 8-12 hours) -$14.00/hr Open Positions: General labor position in the heat treating department for a company that manufactures components used for the aerospace industry. Please review the following requirements to ensure you meet the qualifications: 1. You must be able to pass a background Check Tier 2 which means no felonies or misdemeanors in the past 7 years, which has been processed and you have already cleared. 2. You must have a high school diploma or GED. 3. You must have a valid drivers license to ensure that you get to and from work safely without being at risk of driving without a valid license. 4. You must have atleast 2yrs of previous experience in the warehouse/manufacturing business. 5. You must submit to a 5 panel in house drug test within before beginning your assignment. 6. You must be able to work weekends both Saturday and Sunday. No exceptions. 7. You to be able to understand and speak English. 8. You must have computer knowledge. 9. You must be able to work in a hot environment since positions are for the heat treating department where the aerospace components are fabricated. 10. You must have forklift experience is necessary; all Astro employees are required to operate them. 11. You must be able to work a full time weekly assignment. Company pays once a week on Thursdays and your check is delivered to the company. Detailed Job Description: Temporary agency personnel assist heat treat operators with moderate labor chores, below is a brief description of duties: 1) Assist arrange, prepare materials on to heat treat fixtures and baskets. a) This may require use of step ladders or some moderate climbing (PPE supplied). b) The securing of parts on to baskets done by assembling bars and supports using aluminum and steel wire and a pair of wire cutters. 6) Assist, arrange baskets and materials on to furnace floors and prepare for insertions. 7)  
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