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Im seeking a master wordsmith who enjoys flaunting his/her vocabulary, correcting others grammar, and can work quickly from a functional home environment. My company, Wordzen, based in Chicago but currently recruiting in Los Angeles, is an email writing and editing service for Gmail. Wordzen corrects business emails for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, along with sentence tone and rhythm. Wordzen also drafts emails based on users shorthand notes. For example, if a user types "decline politely," well interpret the contextual clues in the email thread and draft an email for the user that represents your intent. Were looking to build our team of English editors. Were looking for two English experts to cover these two shifts: Monday-Friday 1AM to 9AM EST (10PM to 6AM Los Angeles time) Various hours over the weekend This is the perfect opportunity for a seasoned wordsmith who can respond quickly (you get an alert on your mobile phone when theres a new email to edit), get to a computer and edit an email. You must be able to quickly edit and compose emails of around ten sentences or less. You can be located anywhere in the world, although we are partial to L.A. because of its timezone and the amazing writing talent your city draws! Being an effective Wordzen editor goes far beyond just correcting text for mechanics like grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The greater value our users derive from Wordzen is from having their words altered and sentence structure enhanced to make them SOUND SMARTER. While editing text, youll need to examine every word and assess what can be changed to make the text read better, more sophisticated, and more descriptive. When crafting emails, youll need to examine the email thread, research any topics in the thread with which you arent familiar, and then compose an emotionally intelligent message based on the users instructions. ----------------- If interested, please reply with: 1. A letter, ten sentences or fewer, describing your English skills and telling me about yourself. 2. An edited and proofread red-lined version of this job advertisement. 3. Lastly, draft an email message based on these instructions, from our user "John." [Please explain to my friend Frank that Daylight Savings Time is the silliest thing on Earth.] Do not make any assumptions other than that John and Frank are friends. Your email should be written such that John can send it to Frank without alteration. ----------------- Please note that a resume is not necessary. Requirements: 1. Mastery of the English language 2. Reliable computer / cell phone / Internet access 3. An appropriate home work environment 4. Ability to work fast. We promise our users a 10-minute turnaround time on emails that need drafting or editing and proofreading. Application Process: 1. Send me an email as described above. 2. I will contact the best candidates and ask them to take a short online quiz consisting of more real-life Wordzen examples. I will personally read all emails in response to this ad.  
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