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Business Loan Referral I need several persons to get referrals from the business owners who need the working capital. Business loans(Unsecured Loan) with low interest rates. Eligibility: 1) owned Small Business in the US. 2) working capital. 3) Annual Sales Volume of $ 50,000 or more M & E Financial Group provides loan(Unsecured Business Loan) for all small businesses as the leading financial services provider. For example, we are able to offer the lowest minimum interest rate of 5.75%. You can think? We can give you is to help the company get the best loan for you through the best of all possible lenders that hold more than 50, so let us find the interest rate for your loan. As M & E Financial Group is the highest level of business financial service providers from around the USA, it has an outstanding loan for small businesses with nearly any qualification. M & E Financial Group is to extend payment card payment business now, NO.1 CARD PROCESSING NETWORK Company acquired the qualifications certified by the ISO COMPANY FIRST DATA in the United States. Our CARD PROCESSING offers a very unique program was not seen until the previous. It will just offer our members with "NO MARGIN". This is an unprecedented program ever conducted in the conventional card processing industry. All you have to do is finding out the business owners information regarding the name, business name, telephone number, email address, and Zipcode. And giving a call to 310-866-7942 and send Text Message or Fax to 310-427-6488 You can help get the Business Loan(Unsecured Loan) for business owners with the lowest interest rate and make a lot of money. $100 for each referral : If you can make three referrals a day, you can earn $300 a day. I will make out money order and mail to your home address on a weekly basis. If you make fifteen or more referrals in a week, I will increase the $150 per referral. Any persons who are serious to earn an extra money (part-time). Tele-marketing experiences are plus, but no experiences are O.K. No commuting, for any moms who want to work at their home at flexible time. Bi-lingual (Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, French---) is plus, but not necessary. Send your resume to ameriplan777@gmail.com Agent of M & E Financial Group (Agent Code: SNa 0207) Sang Na (310)866-7942 Fax (310)427-6488 ameriplan777@gmail.com  
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