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Playsaurus is a small game development studio in Los Angeles. Were looking for a full-time on-site Software Developer in (or who can move to) Los Angeles in the Koreatown area. Telecommuting will only be considered if we cant find someone local. The job, at least initially, would be to help develop new features for Clicker Heroes (our biggest game), including fixing bugs, interacting with the community on reddit, and also do a bit of stuff for our older game, Cloudstone. Clicker Heroes has *millions* of players, so the work will have a good impact on a lot of people. Our ideal candidate would have a lot of experience playing games, loves both PC games (FPS, RTS, MOBA, etc.) and idle/incremental/clicker games (like Cookie Clicker), and has at least 4 years of industry programming experience, or a degree with at least 2 years of industry programming experience. Were really looking for someone who is good at and likes to work on back-end stuff (web servers, databases, server-side scripting languages, cloud services). Game development experience is also great. Our primary tools and languages (and this also experience we are looking for) are AWS, Linux, PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascript, and Actionscript. Experience integrating lots of 3rd-party APIs and tools is good too. Pay will be between $70k/year and $120k/year depending on experience, plus better than industry-standard benefits and bonuses. If youre interested, e-mail CV/Resume to admin@playsaurus.com!  
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