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Our farm to swap for 1 -2 bedroom



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You maybe wanting to start a hobby farming for vegetables, cherries, apples, apricots, and more, or even raise your own livestock. Or want to escape the city life and live in quiet, polluted free environment. We have 5 parcels of 2.5 -acres mini farm , where we currently live in one, so you can be our neighbor. We can swap one of our 2.5-Parcels up to 10 acres for a nice and clean condo in places such as Valencia, North Hollywood, Burbank, Sun Valley, or other places in the Valley. No money involve; all we need is transfer of ownership. Our location is along SR-138 near Quail Lake & Gorman, A nice place to retire, if you love fishing, hunting, mountain views, cool weather. We are a peaceful community of only 90-homeowners, we are known to each other and are living here for more than 20years. Nearby can be found a local church, gasoline station and convenient store. A place with abundant source of water. Easy internet, telephone, electric and gas connection. Email us at ccfineantiques@msn.com , if you need other info or call me at 661-208-8285 ... Chuck 290th S W at SR 138 (google map) (yahoo map)  
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