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Ketamine for sale


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Email: dr.myoung@hotmail.com skype: dr.myoung Phone: +237 9391 0999 BELOW IS A LIST OF SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS: Dimethocaine, MDPV, Ephedrine hcl, Afghan incense, Mdai, 5-iai, JWH-250,JWH-307(new),JWH-018,JWH-073,JWH-081 2c-e,2c-i,2c-p,2c-d,2c-b,2c-t-2 Mephedrone(4-mmc) Butylone Ecstasy MDMA 6-apb(Benzo-fury) MDAT 5 MEO-DMT Methylone (bk-MDMA) NRG-3 ALPHA-METHYLTRYPTAMINE(AMT) 2-AMINOIDAN CENTROPHENOXINE HCl  
Contract/Payment Details: 10    

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