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Edition Multiple Sculpture Series

Silver Lake Los Ange


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Edition Multiple Series: “Compensation”, 2012 Inspiration: The song, “Compensation”, written and performed by Nina Simone, was the inspiration for this most recent “Mono-Edition Multiples Series”. Process: In the tradition of the series, only the form of the object is replicated. Distinction between each “identical” sculpture is articulated through the varied use of both hand-painted color and hand-finish. As a result, the pieces honor an evidence of the artist’s hand at work. An authentic sense of the artist’s skill and passion is embedded in each “Compensation” sculpture. No two pieces are exactly alike. Retail: 250 Mono-Edition “Compensation” Multiple sculptures individually hand-painted, finished and signed by artist, Duane Paul are available for order. Title: Compensation/Purple, Black, Pink Edition: 1/1 Price: $350.00 / http://duanepaul.com/home_shop.html Size: 16” x 10”w x 8”d Medium: Hydrocal Gypsum, Resin, Wood, Industrial Epoxy duane@duanepaul.com  
Contract/Payment Details: 350.00    

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