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Pet Safe Home Shelter

North Hollywood


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Pet Safe Home Shelter is a place where pet lovers can confidently bring their reptiles, amphibians, fish, and some mammals to for safekeeping and shelter. But this is non-profit so Pet Safe Home Shelter Needs Supplies/Aquariums. Will pick up or u drop off. Can care for reptiles, some amphibians & mammals; will house, feed, and care for them. Can use filters, rocks, stones, plants, heaters and driftwood as well. Donations are appreciated and will be picked up quickly in greater Los Angeles. We take special care of your pets for the remainder of their natural life. We house, feed, sun, and love them; have free-range pens/tanks in my backyard for turtles, frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes, chickens, guinea pigs, etc. Thank you for supporting a humanitarian interest for animals in need of safe and humane homes. They deserve it.  

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