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Donate Blood to Save Lives

Van Nuys


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We are looking for healthy volunteer platelet donors to help SAVE lives! The need for blood is constant and without volunteer donors, our community would not have an adequate platelet supply. Your support will help ensure that platelets are available for family members, friends, co-workers, and patients who rely on transfusions. If you are interested in donating, please contact HemaCare Blood and Platelet Donor Center at (800) 347-4927 or schedule your appointment on our website. To donate, donors must: • Be in good health and feeling well • Be at least 18 years old • Weigh at least 140 pounds • Not take any medications containing aspirin for three days (72 hours) or ibuprofen for 24 hours prior to donation Call us today at (800) 347-4927 to schedule your appointment! Connect with us on Facebook! In appreciation for your gift of life, donors receive a gift for donation! • Frequent Flyer Miles - Earn United Mileage Plus® miles.** • Utilities - Receive a credit towards a utility bill. • Gift Card - Receive a gift card. What are platelets? Platelets are blood cells that help control bleeding; they are the body's "Band-Aids." What is the platelet donation process? Platelets are collected by a process called apheresis. Apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) is a special kind of blood donation that involves giving one component of blood, usually platelets. During an apheresis donation, blood is drawn from your arm and sent through sterile tubing into a centrifuge located in a cell-separator machine. The machine spins the blood to separate the platelets from the other components. The platelets are collected and the remaining components are returned to you. Only a small portion of your blood is in the machine at anytime (less than a cup). Once the donation process is completed, we ask you to sit back and relax for 15 minutes and enjoy an assortment of refreshments. From when you walk in to when you walk out, it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to donate platelets. *Some restrictions may apply. HemaCare reserves the right to change incentives at any time. **Miles accrued, awards issued and bonus offers are subject to the rules of the United Mileage Plus program. The Mileage Plus program, including accruals, awards and bonus miles offers, is subject to change without notice. Taxes and fees related to award travel are the responsibility of the passenger. United and Mileage Plus are registered service marks. For complete details about the Mileage Plus program, visit www.united.com.  

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