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The Cosmic Ethics of Certainty

Antelope Valley


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My teacher Gregory Grover wrote this article on May 5th 1975 and I would like to share it with you. "Recently I spoke about the difficulty one of our students has in believing that certainty is attainable. This evening we finally clarified his problem. Ralph has been motivated almost all of his life by the need for approval from other people. If others approved of him, he could then approve of himself. Instead of using his mind for his own self-enjoyment and studying its operation and how to improve it, he used his mind merely as an instrument to earn the much longed for affirmation from is parents, teachers, friends and colleagues. Once he gain the approval he desired, he would then lose interest in the project he had been working on. This motivation enabled him to use only a small part of his mind. He never probed deeply enough into anything to come to certainty about it, and therefore he never intuited that anyone could attain certainty about any idea. Certainty is attainable only if the exercise of the mind in any study or research is motivated by the right attitude and derives from the right motivation-the desire to understand something for the joy of understanding, not in order to be superior to others or to gain their approval. There is a cosmic ethics inherent in the very nature of man. This is not an ethics dreamed up by human beings; it is derived from cosmic laws that are expressed in human nature. The need to attain certainty is inherent in the human mind. But as we don't know how to attain it directly, we settle for the symbol of it-if others approve of us we must be all right. But this does not satisfy our essential need any more than a picture of a meal can satisfy a hungry man. Certainty is that state of mind arrived at when one has applied one's mind objectively to any study or problem until the mind is satisfied that it truly understands. The certainty when experienced is that statement of the mind that it indeed understands and that doubt is no longer resident. This is the true authority that fulfills one completely: the authority from within one's intelligence." The Spinoza-Gurdjieff Group www.LivingSpinoza.com Lewis Almeida  

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