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Hey whats up I'm a singer I also write tunes. I met a really dope guitar player and we are forming a alt rock band. we have songs written and currently gigging, BUT ! but but butt butts. Even though are gig in is nice I want to complete the band. Bass and Drummer Needed ! between 22-28 years of age. We have a dope sound thus far and are looking to for skilled driven people to join us permanently. The goal isn't to become rich and famous the goal is to get out the music and messages in the lyrics, but ! i do have some legit record label contacts which i haven't utilized (the possibility of Touring and signing a deal is an option) i don't do drugs, never have, no alcohol, no children, not flaky, and HIGHLY DEDICATED TO THE BAND. Serious musicians ONLY please its only Feb and I (along with my guitar player) have made great progress ! LETS ROCK ! ops I really can sing -_- so don't worry about that lol ! DRUMMER AND BASS NEEDED !  

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